Maher and Rogan Spar Over Biden’s Presidency: Who Really Holds the Trust?

During Bill Maher’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s immensely popular podcast, the two influential figures found themselves in agreement on several points.

Most notably, they shared the sentiment that Joe Biden’s performance as president has left much to be desired and raised concerns about his mental acuity.

Additionally, they delved into the murky waters of Biden’s past business dealings, particularly those involving his son Hunter.

However, as the conversation unfolded, Joe Rogan attempted to draw a comparison between Biden’s trustworthiness and that of former President Donald Trump, who currently leads the GOP primary race.

This moment sparked a spirited exchange, a rarity in Rogan’s recent podcast episodes, where many guests, especially fellow comedians who often gain substantial exposure from his show, tend to avoid challenging his viewpoints.

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